Instagram photo dumps – a how to guide

Making Instagram causal again:

Instagram photo dumps have been popular for a while now, but what exactly has spurred on the popularity of this trend? Many teenagers and young adults have taken to instagram to post a series of 10 photos, once each month. In the age of apps like BeReal and Lapse, users are encouraged to be more authentic and live in the moment. Because of this, Instagram users have created the routine of a monthly photo-dump in an attempt to make the app feel more genuine.

Instagram has always been known as a place that is filled with airbrush and Face tune, but this recent trend has taken the app to the next level. The younger generation is attempting to pioneer a digital age that is more authentic and less Photoshopped.

How can you create your own photo dumps?

  • Select images that bring you joy – Sunsets, baked goods, friends, family, etc. Pick whatever photos make you smile.
  • Don’t put too much thought into the process – Often, the best photo dumps are a spur of the moment decision. Don’t worry about the order or spend too much time perfecting it.
  • Don’t edit – In order for your photo dump to be authentic, don’t bother editing or filtering your images.
  • Get creative – A monthly photo dump is the perfect opportunity to experiment with different styles and angles. Try uploading blurry photos, images with funky lighting, and a variety of angles.

Who does the best photo dumps?

If you want to try posting a photo dump, but are feeling the need for a little inspiration, there are a few different Instagram users who capture the essence of a photo dump perfectly. Keep reading for a few examples of Instagram users that just seem to do it well.

Emma Chamberlain is a well know YouTuber, Business Owners, and Podcaster. Not only does she hold the attention of the business world, but she is maintains an incredibly influential presence online. As the latest ‘It Girl,’ she has taken the world by storm with her casual photo dumps. Uploading short videos, blurry photos, and images of random objects, Emma knows how to capture the essence of a photo dump.

Gigi Hadid, the Model and Influencer, breaks up her Instagram posts of Magazine covers with more casual images. Gigi is quick to publish a monthly photo dump, and she does it so well. If you are looking for a little inspiration from someone particularly noteworthy, Gigi’s Instagram is the perfect place to turn.

Ready to post?

With the start of November right around the corner, it’s a great time to start taking images for your monthly photo dump. Give it a try! You might be surprised by just how liberating it can be.





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