Creating a more sustainable make-up routine

At the beginning of 2023, I decided that I wanted to work towards creating a more sustainable make-up routine. During an age of mass consumption, it can become so easy to over-consume and then never touch the products inside of your vanity. When I would get ready each day, I realized that my make-up collection was constantly growing, but there were products in my drawer that I had never touched. Keep reading to learn a few of the steps that I took to create a more sustainable routine.

Creating sustainable consumption:

The first step in my journey to sustainability was putting a stop to my desire to consume. I had multiples of so many products, yet I was only using one at a time. Recognizing this purchasing pattern and committing to the idea of using all of a product before replacing it was a huge step. If I had 10 mascaras, I committed to not replacing any of them until they had all been used. This is such a simple step, but it makes a huge difference. This effectively saves money, stops overconsumption, and allows you to discover products in your drawer that you didn’t even know you loved.

Purchasing eco friendly products:

After using all of the foundations or mascaras in your drawer, it comes time to replace the product. There are undeniably some brands that are more sustainable than others, and in this mindset shift, I decided that I was going to prioritize purchases from sustainable brands. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Saie – This brand has all types of beautiful cream and power products. The brand is dedicated to sustainable practices, using eco friendly ingredients and packaging. They achieve this, without sacrificing the luxury of their products.
  • caliray – Based out of California, this brand uses recycled materials to create the packaging for the products. Additionally, packaging has minimal branding and design, so that consumers can easily recycle again when they are done with the product. They work to reduce the impact of their carbon footprint and are constantly upgrading to more sustainable materials.
  • Rose Inc. – This brand boosts their use of clean ingredients, sustainable solutions, and non-comedogenic formulas. The brand works closely with Amyris, the world’s leading manufacturer for clean and ethical beauty.

Small steps; big impact:

The journey to sustainability doesn’t happen overnight. Implementation of practices like donation, careful consumption, and purchase of sustainable products will go a long way. A small step towards sustainability, is a large step towards a healthy earth. Even if you decide to continue purchasing products, create a mindfulness around your consumption and what brands you are choosing to buy from.





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