A Sustainable Shopping Guide

Why shop sustainably?

Popular companies like Shein and Temu profit from fast fashion. A rise in consumption, coupled with cheap, mass-produced clothing has resulted in extreme waste. According to Earth.org, the average American throws away 81.5 pounds of clothing every year. By deciding to make clothing purchases mindfully and sustainably, you can have an impact on the environment as an individual consumer.

While it can be tempting to purchase trendy clothing from fast-fashion brands, this clothing is low quality and likely to fall part. Instead of buying cheap clothing that you will later throw away, try shopping more sustainably. Almost every town has local or chain thrift stores and retail shops. Every time that you purchase something from one of these stores, there is ones less item in the landfill.

Places to shop:


These are both platforms that allow users to take photos of their clothing and list it online for sale. Other platform users can place bids on different items in an attempt to purchase. Once the user accepts your bid and receives payment through the app, they will ship it directly to the address provided. This is a great option if you are looking to buy a specific brand or article of clothing. Users are constantly adding new items in a variety of price ranges. This option is typically more expensive than purchasing from a thrift store, but it also allows users to be more specific with what they decide to purchase.

Super Casuals:

Super Casuals is a website that purchases Carhartt clothing with small imperfections and cannot be sold by the company at full price. This website buys clothing a resells it at a discounted rate. Items have a 30-50% markdown from retail price. If websites like this one didn’t exist, perfectly good clothing would be thrown away. The imperfections in the items are extremely small and not noticeable. You will still receive a piece of high-quality clothing at a reduced price, all while achieving sustainability.

Thrift stores:

Thrift stores are an affordable and simple way to shop sustainably. It may take some digging to find an item that you love, but there are plenty of trendy clothes that can be found while thrifting. Who knows, you may even start a trend of your own. Here are a few of my favorite spots:

  • Goodwill/Goodwill bins
  • Salvation Army
  • Saint Vincent DePaul

Give it a try!

If you make it your own, thrifting can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Giving love to items that are looking for a second home is a great way to shop sustainably. Thrifting can also be a great way to try out a new style without breaking the bank, or contributing to the landfill. Happy thrifting!





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  1. Amy Osborn Avatar
    Amy Osborn

    I use a website called The Real Real, it is a high end fashion reseller.

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