Author: Skylar Lathrop

  • Working Towards Zero-Waste

    Over Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion hosted by Heartland Woman’s Network. I heard from Samantha Nieman, a destination wedding photographer and a zero-waste advocate during this monthly luncheon. Nieman discussed her travel experience as a destination photographer, as well as the sheer amount of waste that she witnessed everywhere…

  • A Sustainable Shopping Guide

    Why shop sustainably? Popular companies like Shein and Temu profit from fast fashion. A rise in consumption, coupled with cheap, mass-produced clothing has resulted in extreme waste. According to, the average American throws away 81.5 pounds of clothing every year. By deciding to make clothing purchases mindfully and sustainably, you can have an impact…

  • Creating a more sustainable make-up routine

    During an age of mass consumption, it can become so easy to over-consume and then never touch the products inside of your vanity. Keep reading to learn a few of the steps that I tool to create a more sustainable routine.

  • Instagram photo dumps – a how to guide

    Instagram has always been known as a place that is filled with airbrush and Face tune, but this recent trend has taken the app to the next level. The younger generation is attempting to pioneer a digital age that is more authentic and less Photoshopped.